Lighthouse Lacrosse is a NH all girls lacrosse club that operates within the greater seacoast region. We are the only girls lacrosse club in NH dedicated strictly to girls’ lacrosse teams and individual player development.

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2019 Lake Placid Tournament
Mon Aug 5th~Weds Aug 8th
Player Tourney Fee:  $200


"It's truly become a unique mix of competition, socialization, vacation, and reunion all wrapped into one. This event offers the potential for old friends to get together, families to vacation together, and for the largest and best group of talent in the lacrosse world to compete all together in one beautiful location."


Last summer our girls had the opportunity to watch games with current and former TEAM USA members and the incoming classes for the best teams in the country (UNC/DUKE/Syracuse/Northwestern/etc.) and they were AWESOME to watch.

Our girls joined another program last summer where they competed against some very strong competition from around the country. It was a VERY fun, competitive eye opening experience for many. 

This summer we'd like to bring our own group if possible. 

Parents joined together and booked “party” houses where kids and parents all had a great time living together for the 2-3 days.